Diploma in Biotechnology

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2.5 years
Tuition Fees:
Location of Study:
Negeri Sembilan
Full Time/Part Time:
Full Time
Awarding Country:
Awarding University:
Nilai University
Diploma in Biotechnology
MQA Reference No: A6789
  • Field of Study: Sciences
  • Specialization: Biotechnology
  • Level: Diploma
  • Conducted Entirely in Msia/Transfer: Fully Conducted in Malaysia
  • Intake: January, May, October,
  • Entry Requirement:
    * SPM; SPMV; O-level or equivalent with 3 credits incl. 2 credits in Maths or Science and a pass in Bahasa Malaysia; or
    * UEC or equivalent with minimum 3Bs incl. Maths or Science; or
    * Certificate in related field - pass; or
    * MLVK - pass with Level 3 and 1 credit in SPM (studies to Diploma level should be in the same field)
  • English Requirements:
    * IELTS minimum Band 5.0; or
    * GCE / IGCSE O-Level English minimum Grade B
  • Brief Description:
    MOHE Approval Code: KA6789
    Total Fee (Local student): approx. RM36,150
    Total Fee (International student): approx. RM44,680
    The biotechnology revolution of the 21st century is expected to impact the world in a far greater magnitude as the IT revolution of the 1900s and the Industrial revolution of the 1800s. Employment opportunities for well-qualified personnel are immense; making it the perfect time for you to prepares yourself with a qualification in this area.
    The Nilai University Diploma in Biotechnology is an internationally recognised diploma prepares you with the skills and know-how on new biological processes of commercial importance in a diverse range of industries such as pharmaceutical, agricultural, industrial, forensic and healthcare sectors.
    Graduates of the Nilai University Diploma in Biotechnology programme are recognised to enter into a relevant degree programme at our reputable partner universities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the United Kingdom in the areas of genetics, biochemistry, microbiology, molecular microbiology, biotechnology and biomedical science.
    Nilai University Biotechnology programmes have strong industry support from their industry advisory panel represented by Biotechnology Corporation, Vivantis Technology, Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre, Inno Bio Ventures and Felda Biotechnology. 
    Upon graduation, students can pursue careers in the research and development, quality control, clinical research, manufacturing and production, regulatory affairs, sales and marketing, information systems, education and administration in the following fields:
    Medicine - gene therapy, stem cells, therapeutic cloning drug, vaccine and protein discovery, genetic testing for disorders, DNA profiling, reproductive technologies, etc
    Environmental Processes - waste water purification, recovering and protecting threatened species, biological control or pests, green plastic production, buidegradable plastics biosensors for environmental monitoring, etc.
    Agriculture / Food Industry - production of plants with enhanced nutritional value, high yields and resistance to environmental stresses, plant genetics and tissue engineering, probiotics and brewing, etc.
    Bioinformatics / Biostatistics
    * Other fields such as academics, banks, patenting, commercialisation, business development, medical writing, genetic counselling.
    Subjects includes:
    * Introductory Biology
    * Introductory Chemistry
    * Basic Mathematics
    * Statistics
    * Introductory Genetics
    * Basic Microbiology
    * Cell Biology
    * Organic Chemistry
    * General Biochemistry
    * Basic Business Administration
    * Cell Culture Techniques
    * Introductory Bioinformatics
    * Basic Techniques In Molecular Biology
    * Agricultural And Industrial Biotechnology
    * Marine And Environmental Biotechnology
    * Molecular And Medical Biotechnology
    * Introduction To Information Technology
    * Biotechnology
    Established in 1998, Nilai University is one of the largest private higher education providers in Malaysia and home to students from over 50 countries worldwide.
  • Remarks:

    * Please refer to fee guide attached for fee breakdown and accommodation rental rates.

    * Malaysian students fees for entire programme is approximately RM36,150.