Certificat de Cadet de Cuisine

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3 months
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Le Cordon Bleu
Certificat de Cadet de Cuisine
  • Field of Study: Hotel / Food / Tourism
  • Specialization: Culinary Arts
  • Level: Certificate / Professional Certificate
  • Conducted Entirely in Msia/Transfer: Fully Conducted in Malaysia
  • Intake: January, April, July, October,
  • Entry Requirement:

    Please refer to the Brochure attachment

  • English Requirements:

    Please refer to the Brochure attachment

  • Brief Description:

    Certificat de Cadet imparts an in-dept study of French regional cuisines and related subjects through which students will apply the techniques introduced in the Certificat d’Assistant programme. Here the emphasis is on understanding, organisation, production and presentation, at the same time master knowledge on ingredients, classifications and origins of the regions including seasonings and flavour appreciation with techniques in butchery.

    Emphasis is placed on the importance of:

    * Mise en place, organisation and workflow planning in the preparation and service of meals
    * Classical French stocks, glazes, basic and advanced sauces and soups
    * Hors d’oeuvre, canap├ęs, salads and appetizers
    * Vegetables, eggs and farinaceous cooking techniques and menu items
    * French Pastries and cakes
    * Prepare and cook simple hot and cold desserts
    * Career preparation and workplace communication
    * Commodities – receiving and storage
    * Le Cordon Bleu is considered by many to be the world’s premier culinary arts institute.

    With over 100 years of teaching experience, Le Cordon Bleu network has remained committed to providing a solid foundation in best practices in Gastronomy, Hospitality and Management.

    Graduates become part of a great tradition of excellence, with credentials that will set them apart from the competition in a demanding and changing environment.

    Over 80 Le Cordon Bleu chefs from the finest kitchens and Michelin-starred restaurants pass on their knowledge and experience daily to their students. Not just instructors, they are mentors providing lifelong inspiration and support to graduates.

    The faculty at Le Cordon Bleu includes university professors, international personalities and specialists in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

    Le Cordon Bleu also offers the most complete and comprehensive training in classic French culinary techniques available today, with many hands-on hours in teaching kitchens under the guidance of world class chefs.

  • Remarks:

    Tuition Fees and total amount of Miscellaneous Fees have to be paid together before commencement of the certificate programme. Miscellaneous Fees includes Application Fee and International Student Admin Fee.

    Total Fee for Malaysian student is RM21,500 inclusive of Application Fee