Multimedia University (MMU) (Melaka)

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Multimedia University (MMU) (Melaka)

Jalan Ayer Keroh Lama, 
Bukit Beruang, 75450, 
Melaka, Malaysia.

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Multimedia University (MMU) (Melaka) - An Introduction

Multimedia University MMU Signage

Located strategically in the vicinity of serene residential areas, booming industrial sites and the scenic Ayer Keroh tourist spot, MMU (Melaka Campus) began as the Institute of Telecommunications and Information Technology (ITTM) established in May 1993. It currently houses Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Information Science and Technology, Faculty of Business and Law, Centre for Foundation Studies and Extension Education, Centre for Diploma Programmes and the Institute for Postgraduate Studies.

Multimedia University MMU Melaka Engineering Faculty

Multimedia University (MMU), a tertiary education institution set up through Universiti Telekom Sdn Bhd (UTSB), a wholly owned subsidiary of TM, fulfils the noblest of corporate social responsibilities – taking up the challenge of educating the next generation the nation’s leaders and knowledge workers. 

As the first private university in Malaysia, MMU developed the pioneer model for the successful establishment of private universities in the nation, paving the way for the growth of the private tertiary education sector. As the university at the heart of the MSC, MMU also serves as a catalyst for the development of the high tech ICT industry of the nation, parallel to the Silicon Valley-Stanford model in the United States.

Multimedia University MMU Melaka Building

Growing to over 20,000 students in 12 short years, MMU has achieved much in a relatively short period of time. The university runs in two campuses, its original campus in the historical city of Melaka, and the campus in Cyberjaya that was opened by the former Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed. It has produced 22,820 graduates in its time, and a recent survey demonstrates that 93% of these secure employment within 6 months of the completion of studies. It has also grown an outstanding pool of international students numbering at 4,200 from 75 countries.

Multimedia University MMU Melaka

Establishing itself as a major player in research and development, and maintaining excellent ties with the industry through collaborations and research partnerships, MMU now hosts 13 Research Centres to date, focusing in the niche areas of nanotechnology, microsystems, biometrics, virtual reality, microwave and telecommunications, engineering, photonics, advanced robotics and business.
Through an organisation-wide policy of prudent spending and careful budgeting, the university successfully achieved financial independence within the first 3 years of its founding, and continue to be sustainable and financially healthy to this day. This is in spite of a recent infrastructural expansion in both its campuses during the period of 2006 till present, with the completion of the Phase 3 of development in the Melaka Campus and Phase 2 of development in the Cyberjaya Campus.
Multimedia University (MMU) Welcome International Students
MMU welcomes aspiring students from all over the world because we believe that a multicultural and multinational campus will enrich students' experiences in terms of social and cultural diversity. Students have the opportunity to meet people from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds and develop a cross cultural understanding among themselves. MMU enjoys the company of students from over 66 countries from the continents of Africa, Asia, Europe and North America.
Multimedia University (MMU) of Malaysia is constantly looking to the future of teaching and research. Here are some good reasons why making MMU your University could be the best option in your career.
Global Reputation - MMU being one of the top 200 universities in Asia ranked by the QS Quacquarelli Symonds Ltd, the compilers of Times Higher Education. MMU has always embarked on a journey towards academic excellence.
Strategic Partnership - MMU has collaborated with major ICT bodies such as Nokia, Intel, Microsoft, Cisco, Motorola, Ericson and etc. Our strategic partnership ensures that you are exposed to the best and latest technologies in support of your learning activities.
Quality Programs - Our lectures provide a range of exciting study options for students that keep programs career focused, relevant to industry and give graduates the competitive advantage in workplace.
Teaching Excellence - Flexible learning is part of the university’s strategy to deliver an enhanced, student - centered approach to learning by applying the most effective, flexible and appropriate teaching and learning modes and technologies.
Exciting Campus lifestyle - MMU encourages cultural diversity and provides unlimited opportunities for students to develop their interest and meet new people. Experience at MMU can be both socially and academically rewarding, with access to the latest sport and fitness facilities as well as oppurtunities to enjoy stimulating cultural activities.
Career Prospects - MMU produces successful graduates who are leaders in their own field. Based on survey conducted, more than 90 percent of students get their first job within 6 months of graduation.
Source: Multimedia University MMU Melaka



Multimedia University (MMU) Award and Recognition

In 2002, The Multimedia Learning System (MMLS) of MMU won the Asia Pacific MSC IT& Telecommunication Award (APMITTA) and the 2001 Asia Pacific Award for Best of Smart Learning Applications. During 2004, MMU secured four awards from the Ministry of Education, namely, the Highest Enrolment of Local Students, Excellence in R&D, the Highest Number of Courses Accredited, Special Award in Recognition of MMU's Overall Achievement.

In film and video, the Westport Television Commercial Project by MMU students bagged the Silver Screen Awards at the International Film and Video Awards held in the US. Also locally, film and animation students from MMU also won several awards such as the Astro Next-gen Contenpreneur Awards in 2008 and 2009, especially in the field of visual effects.
As for engineering education, the AFEO Board unanimously agreed to confer upon MMU the AFEO Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award 2007 for its outstanding achievements.
In 2009, MMU was ranked at 171 by THES-QS in the Asian University Rankings. It is the first private university in Malaysia to achieve such feat, making it the highest ranked of its kind in the list to date.
MMU was rated tier 5 (Excellent) in the Malaysia Quality Agency SETARA Rating 2010. This is the highest rating achieved by all Malaysia private and public institutions. Others who achieved tier 5 include Monash University (Sunway campus), Nottingham University (Malaysia campus), and University Malaya.
Based on the SCIMAGO Institutions ranking 2010, MMU was ranked 368 in Asia, and No. 6 in Malaysia (No. 1 Private University).
The Webometric ranking 2010 similar ranked MMU as the No. 1 private University in Malaysia, and is ranked at 172 in Asia.
Multimedia University MMU 2004 Award MITI Industry Excellence Award    Multimedia University MMU 2004 Award MITI Industry Excellence Award Certificate
For the pass 10 years, Multimedia University (MMU) had won more than 100 awards in various competition. Among the awards are:

2010 Award

Multimedia University MMU 2010 Awards Autodesk Malaysia Design Competition
Winners: Wong Jun Hao and Lim Chong Hooi under the supervision of Mr. Lim Boon Kian & Mr. Liew Kia Wai  

Date awarded:  Tuesday, 1st June 2010
Award:  2nd Price of Mechanical Engineering Category. Autodesk Malaysia Design Competition 2009. Students Wong Jun Hao and Lim Chong Hooi under the supervision of Mr. Lim Boon Kian & Mr. Liew Kia Wai won the 2nd Prize of Mechanical Engineering Category at Autodesk Malaysia Design Competition 2009.

Multimedia University MMU 2010 Best Student Chapter Award & IET Leadership Award

Winners: IET Student Chapter of MMU Melaka Campus 

Date awarded: Saturday, 31st July 2010
Award: IET Best Student Chapter Award & IET Leadership Award. IET Malaysia Network Annual Dinner held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, Selangor, Malaysia. This annual award is awarded to the most active student chapter of that particular one-year period. Student chapters were judged not only by the number of successfully organized events, but also how well they interact with each other and also Younger Members Section (YMS).
Multimedia University MMU Best Oral Presenter Award iDECON 2010

Winners: Anushya Ramasegar / Engr. Liew Kia Wai

Date awarded: Tuesday, 21st September 2010
Award: Best Oral Presenter Award. iDECON 2010. The Best Presenter Award. International Conference on Design & Concurrent Engineering 2010. Ms. Anushya Ramsegar under the supervision of Engr. Liew Kia Wai awarded the Best Oral Presenter Award at iDECON 2010.
2009 Awards
Multimedia University MMU Malaysia Robocon 2009 Champioin

Winner: FET Robocon Team  

Date awarded: Sunday, 10th May 2009
Award: Champion. Malaysia Robocon 2009. The FET Roboforce1 team emerged as the champion in the Malaysia Robocon 2009 Competition. Team members:Yong Yik Seng (Manager), Teoh Kok Poh (Leader), Members - Heng Seng Kuang, Ngiow Shin Tat and Lim Yu Wei.
Multimedia University Award 2009 Best Technology Award FET Robocon

Winner: FET Robocon Team  

Date awarded: Sunday, 10th May 2009
Award: The Best Technology Award. Malaysia Robocon 2009. The FET Roboforce 2 team won the Best Technology Award. Team members for Roboforce 2:Thum Chia Chieh (Manager), Lui Zhen Wei (Leader), Members - Liow Kok Hong, Chu Shi Xiang and Ong Soon Mi

Multimedia University MMU Toyota Award. Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) ROBOCON 2009

Winner: MMU Robocon Team  

Date awarded: Saturday, 22nd August 2009
Award: Toyota Award. Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) ROBOCON 2009. Multimedia University represented Malaysia in the international level of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) ROBOCON 2009 robot building competition on 22 August 2009. MMU were presented the Toyota Award, sponsored by Toyota Motor Corporation.

Multimedia University MMU Gold Medal Award. 20th International Invention (ITEX 09)

Date awarded:  Sunday, 17th May 2009

Award:  Gold Medal Award. 20th International Invention, Innovation and Technology Exhibition (ITEX 09). Project headed by Dr. Ir. Sim Kok Swee, won a Gold medal for their project "Automated Spoligotype Recognition for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis Strain Typing" under the category of Biotechnology, Health and Fitness. Team members are Tan Tiong Lang, Ong Chia Sui, and Lai Min Ann.
2008 Awards

Multimedia University MMU Award BEST MANUAL MACHINE AWARD Robocon 2008


Date awarded: Sunday, 31st August 2008
Award: BEST MANUAL MACHINE AWARD. Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) ROBOCON 2008 - International Level. FET Robocon team which comprised of 4 lecturers and 20 students has participated in the international level of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU) ROBOCON 2008 robot building contest on 31 August 2008 and the team has managed to win Best Manual Machine Award.

Multimedia University MMU Award 2008 Gold Metal ITEX2008

Winner: FET

Date awarded:  Sunday, 11th May 2008
Award:  Gold Medal. ITEX 2008. Project Title : Canny Optimisation Technique for Creative Image Colourisation Team members: Dr. Sim Kok Swee, Ting Huong Yong, Lilian Chang, Lai Min Ann 19th International Invention, Innovation & Technology Exhibition ITEX 2008 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Multimedia University MMU Award nd Place and The Fastest Maze Solving Award. ROBOGAMEZ 2008

Winner: FET: Cheaw Wen Guey and Heng Seng Kuang

Date awarded:  Saturday, 6th September 2008
Award:  2nd Place and The Fastest Maze Solving Award. ROBOGAMEZ 2008. Students from FET, Cheaw Wen Guey and Heng Seng Kuang participated in ROBOGAMEZ 2008 organized by Uniten. After competing with participants from UNITEN, UTM and UPM, they won the 2nd place and The Fastest Maze Solving award in the open category.
2007 Awards

Multimedia University MMU CISCO Networks Innovation Awards 2007

Winner: CITS

Date awarded:  Wednesday, 17th January 2007
Award:  CISCO Networks Innovation Awards 2007. Best Converged Campus Network Award. CISCO Networks Innovation Awards 2007

Multimedia University MMU Award 2nd Prize - Altera InNoCom 2006

Winner: FET

Date awarded:  Monday, 5th March 2007
Award:  2nd Prize - Altera InNoCom 2006. Altera InNoCom 2006. Project Title: Network Embedded Remote-Controlled Robot Supervisor: Dr. SIm KS Memebrs: Lam Jun Wei, Danny Ng Wee Kiat and Wong Chee Siang
Source: Multimedia University


Facilities in Multimedia University (MMU) (Melaka)

Non Academic Facilities

Nearby Clinics

  • Penawar and Surgeons Clinic
  • Munshi Clinic
  • Bukit Beruang Clinic
  • Paramount Clinic
Nearby Restaurants
  • Shima Catering
  • Restoran Nasi Ayam Zul (Zul’s Chicken Rice Restaurant)
  • Hamzah’s Restaurant
  • Western Corner
  • Middle East Food
Nearby Shopping Complexes
  • Jaya Jusco (3km from MMU)
  • Melaka Mall (3km from MMU)
Banks & Shops
  • Bank Simpanan Nasional (near Petronas Petrol Station)
  • CIMB Bank (Plaza Siswa, MMU)
  • Post Office (Plaza Siswa, MMU)
  • Mini Market (Plaza Siswa, MMU)
  • Souvenir Shop/Book Store (Plaza Siswa, MMU)
  • Laundry Service (Plaza Siswa, MMU)
  • Mobile Shop (Plaza Siswa, MMU)
  • PC Shop (Plaza Siswa, MMU)
  • Sapura – MAC Computer Shop (Plaza Siswa, MMU)


Source: Multimedia University MMU Melaka


Multimedia University (MMU) (Melaka) Accommodation

On Campus Accommodation

Accommodation Rates

Type Rates
A RM 210
B RM 230
C RM 250
D RM 270

* Deposit - RM400.00
** Prepayment - RM200.00

Note: Successful applicants will be informed latest 7 days before the registration day. Those who are unsuccessful shall stay at the off-campus accommodation provided. Deposit and prepayment shall be paid before registration into MMU CIMB Bank account and the bank in slip shall be given to MMU Finance Division during registration. Students are advised to bring bed sheet, pillowcases and blanket.

Off Campus Accommodation

  1. Pangsapuri Bukit Beruang (Emerald Park) 5 min walking distance to MMU
  • Segregation between male and female
Rental rates
  • Between RM170 and RM300 per person/month depending on facilities inclusive of utility bills.
  • Initial payment: Security deposit (RM300) + 3 months rental prepayment (from RM810 – RM1200)
  • One apartment unit consists of 4rooms, which can accommodate 8-9 people.
Facilities Provided
  • Wardrobe
  • Study tables and chairs
  • Beds without mattresses
  • Kitchen cabinet
  • Shoe rack
  • Dining Table (Emerald Residence only)
  • Sofa (Emerald Residence only)
  • Curtain
  • 24 hours security services
  • 24 hours internet connection
  • In-house Janitor cleaning services
  • In-house Upkeep and Maintenance Services
  • Live-in Hostel Wardens
  • Cleaning Services (include dispose of rubbish)
2. Ixora Apartment 5 minutes walking distance to MMU
Rental rates
  • Between RM180 and RM400 per person/month depending on facilities and inclusive of utility bills (water & electricity with limited use)
  • Initial payment: 3 months prepayment + security deposit + utility deposit (from RM615 – RM1,320)
  • One unit apartment consists of 4 rooms, which can accommodate 4 – 8 people.
Facilities Provided
  • Wardrobe
  • Study tables and chairs
  • Beds without mattresses
  • Ceiling Fan
  • Furniture
  • Cleaning Services
  • 24 hours security
  • Swimming pool
  • Gymnasium
  • Free internet access
  • Lift
  • Food Court
  • Covered car park
Source: Multimedia University MMU Melaka 

Location and Map