SEGi University (Kota Damansara)

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SEGi University (Kota Damansara)

No. 9, Jalan Teknologi, 
Taman Sains Selangor, Kota Damansara, 
PJU 5, 47810 Petaling Jaya, 
Selangor D.E., Malaysia.
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SEGI University - An Overview

SEGI University College Campus

SEGi - Poised for Sustainable and Continuous Growth

The harvest SEGi Group enjoys today stems from the seeds of success sown over the past few years. This has set the foundation that prepares the Group for continuous and sustainable growth for tomorrow.
SEGi has benefited much from the early learning years where the profitability of the Group was relatively low. Then, between 2001 and 2005, the Group offered predominantly lower ticket and short courses under different brand names encompassed within the PRIME and Systematic groups. Since then, SEGi has grown by leaps and bounds, by organic growth as well as via a series of exercises including consolidation and re-branding.
The next phase of SEGi’s growth story came about in 2006 when it streamlined its operations and consolidated into 6 large campuses, including its flagship campus in Kota Damansara that offers a complete learning experience for students. The full-fledged campus boasts a full range of facilities such as on-campus residence halls, a sports & recreational complex, as well as state-of-the-art laboratories and learning facilities. By way of this consolidation, the campuses operated under a single “SEGi” brand name. SEGi also received a boost with its upgrade to University College status in June 2008. This enabled SEGi to introduce a new suite of homegrown high margin programmes, translating into higher profitability. SEGi University received its University status in Year 2012.
Segi University College Kota Damansara SEGI University College Campus
Today, SEGi enters into the third era of growth, and continues to roll-out new and innovative niche programmes in medical sciences, pharmacy, optometry and dentistry, among others. The Group also reinforced its hold in the adult learning market by introducing more part-time and postgraduate programmes with flexible features.
Moreover, SEGi is poised to reap the rewards from the collaborative arrangements with overseas institutions that have been established over recent years. The Group is inspired to become an international higher education centre when the transfer of foreign students from these collaborations begin to see serious growth. The Group will continue to forge forward and strengthen its brand name which reflects attributes of quality, vibrancy, passion and caring.
Source: SEGI University

Student Services

SEGi University Student Life

SEGi University College Student Services

Student Services Centre

SEGi University College Student Services Centre

The Student Service Centre (SSC) operates as a one-stop-centre to provide students with support and guidance throughout their studies. At SEGi, we have a well-established network of support staff and a range of services in place to advise and assist students with any problems they may experience relating to their studies, health issues, career and personal issues. The four areas that are handled by the SSC include:
Student Residence
To provide students with a home away from home that is clean, secure and comfortable.
International Office
To assist international students with immigration matters pertaining to their studies and to assist international students in adapting to the local culture and environment.
Student Activities
To create a climate in which students have a well-rounded education experience through clubs, societies and workshops, sports, student events/activities, recreational and outdoor activities.
Student Care Unit
To provide advise and assistance to students in areas such as personal and career counselling, university and job placements and student needs.
SEGiSphere E-Learning Portal
SEGiSphere E-Learning Portal is an innovative web portal that was developed and installed to enhance learning of accounting, business, marketing and computing at SEGi by complementing traditional classroom teaching. Interactive delivery also facilitates independent study through online learning materials, self-test exercises, discussion boards, announcements and chatroom.
The system provides students with access to real-time campus updates, and plays a key role in developing e-learning capabilities. This is a virtual learning centre that maintains and delivers online courses over the internet, making learning possible anywhere, any time and at students own pace.
SEGi University College Student Services SEGiSphere
SEGi Leadership Centre (SLC)
SEGi has taken a bold step by introducing a new and innovative scheme – to send its students to its very own leadership development camp, the ‘SEGi Leadership Centre’.
SLC is an outdoor learning centre designed to provide participants with a purpose-oriented education with enjoyable and safe learning environment. The centre provides training to participants from SEGi Group of Institutions as well as corporate organisations across many industries.
At the SLC outdoor learning centre, participants will work to identify their true potential which will serve as the foundation for success and improved productivity. SEGi believes in developing and transforming people using effective methodologies and techniques in an experiential education programme. Proven learning methodology has helped clients achieve their desired personal and corporate objectives.
Modern facilities utilised at SLC include: a 4-storey high rock climbing tower, a 12-element high obstacle course, a 10-element low obstacle course, an abseiling tower, a flying-fox, outdoor designed accommodation, camping grounds, seminar amenities, a dining hall, a medical room, payer rooms (surau), world-class outdoor elements, a paintball field and water activities (rafting, canoeing, etc.)
On-Campus Activities
Speakers from various industries are constantly invited to speak to students about their career prospects in various industries. In addition to this, talks on personal grooming which include skincare, dressing and interview skills, are also organised to prepare students for future interviews with prospective employers. Activities such as SEGi Idol, SEGi Fear Factor, Charity Carnival, International Cultural Day, Ultimate Prom Night and SEGi Street 5ive are held to make campus life more exciting.
SEGi University College Student Services SEGi Idol
SEGi Idol
SEGi University College Student Services Charity Carnival
SEGi College Charity Carnival
Student Clubs and Societies
Students at SEGi University are encouraged to have a well-rounded education experience to help them further develop their interpersonal and communication skills while learning about other cultures. Through clubs and societies such as the Photography Club, Youth Ablaze, De Linggua, students are able to participate in extra-curricular activities such as camping, mountain climbing, futsal and bowling. Students are also encouraged to participate in community services and activities.
Some of the student clubs and societies at SEGi include:
Student Council: 
This is the ‘voice of the students’ and comprises representatives from each club and society. It’s responsible for spearheading a wide range of activities within or outside the campus.
Indian Cultural Society (ICS): 
This Society seeks to practice and promote Indian culture amongst students and staff and is open to students of all races and backgrounds.
Youth Ablaze: 
This Society welcomes students of all races and aims to create spirited youths as well as an enjoyable educational experience.
SEGi University College Student Services Youth Ablaze  
Chinese Cultural Society: 
Originating with a group of international students from China, this society now consists of local Chinese and mainland Chinese as well as other nationalities and races.
Football, Badminton & Futsal Club: 
The Football Club was formed by a group of students who are passionate about the ‘world’s most beautiful game’, and its spin-off, the Futsal Club was formed in response to the growing interest among students. Since the inception of these clubs many new sporting clubs have been formed. The teams participate and hold internal and external tournaments.
Dance & Drama: 
A new club which was formed by a group of dynamic, young and energetic students who share a passion for performing arts.
Swimming Club: 
Another newly formed club that seeks to recruit students who share the love of swimming and water sports. Beach activities are regularly organised in addition to events held on campus.
Orientation, at the start of the academic year, is extremely important as it is the first exciting step into life at SEGi. The orientation programme offers students the opportunity to become acquainted with SEGi, its staff, fellow students, courses, facilities and environment. It is also a time for students to make new friends, learn their way around campus and get to know the social and sporting clubs and societies that may interest them.
SEGi University College Student Services Orientation
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SEGi University Campus Facilities

SEGi University College Facilities


1. Anatomy & Pathology Museum

 SEGi University College Facilities Anatomy and Pathology

2. Optometry Lab

SEGi University College Facilities Optometry Lab

3. Anatomy Dissection Room

SEGi University College Facilities Anatomy Dissection Room

4. Dental & Clinic

SEGi University College Facilities Dental

5. Auditorium

SEGi University College Facilities Auditorium

6. Lecture Halls

SEGi University College Facilities Lecture Hall

7. Cafe

SEGi University College Facilities Rainwater Cafe

8. Library

SEGi University College Facilities Library

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SEGi University Accommodation

Accommodation includes on-campus and off-campus options ranging from traditional self-contained college residence to modern shared apartments. With our extensive range of accommodation, there is something to suit everyone. All accommodation is reasonably priced and conveniently located close to the campus. Our Student Service Centre (SSC) is here to assist you every step of the way offering friendly advice and information to help you find the right place to live.


On-Campus Accommodation - Student Residence Hall

SEGi University College Student Services College Hostel

The SEGi Residence Hall is located within the main campus providing students with a convenient and comfortable place. Students staying in the air-conditioned accommodation are provided with a bed, study table and chair, cupboard and fan. Shared facilities include television, lounge, toilets, cafeteria, convenience store and washing machines.

Off-Campus - Private Accommodation

SEGi University College Student Services Off-Campus Accomodation
Private accommodation is also available for those who prefer to live off-campus. A list of private accommodation options can be obtained at the Student Service Centre. Students may also wish to consult the classifieds section of the local newspaper for more choices. There is no set location for private accommodation, however, students are encouraged to stay close to the campus. Private accommodation rental is paid directly to the landlord and accommodation options can vary between single, twin-sharing, partly furnished and fully furnished


Source: SEGi University

Video Tour

SEGi University College Corporate Video

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