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Malaysia Information Technology Job Market & Highly Recommended IT Programmes in Malaysia

The Information Techology industry in Malaysia is ever growing and the demands for Information Technology professionals continue to increase dramatically in Malaysia as well as globally. As Malaysia strengthens its position as an outsourcing hub, there continues to be many job opportunities in information technology in Malaysia.

In its effort to court foreign investors and to attract talent, the Malaysian government has become very supportive and receptive to new technological ideas. One of its key initiatives, the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC), was commissioned with the intent of leapfrogging the nation into the information and knowledge age. One of the many benefits MSC-Malaysia status companies enjoy is unrestricted employment of local and foreign knowledge-workers.Read here for more information.

Computer Science / Information Technology in List of Top 10 of Most Lucrative Jobs
In the information technology industries, employment is expected to grow faster than the average for all other occupations. Job prospects are excellent in this field compared to others. Overall employment of computer network, systems, project managers, information technology (IT), software engineer developer and database administrators is projected to increase. Growth, however, will vary according to specialty. Computer network, systems, and database administrators will continue to enjoy excellent job prospects. 
Check out the Top 10 most lucrative majors compiled by PayScale showing Computer Science / Information Technology as one of the Top 10 most lucrative majors to pursue.
Information Technology degrees in Malaysia can be differentiated by the degree award as follows:-
  • Foreign Degree - This degree is awarded directly from the foreign university upon competion of studies in Malaysia. The degree can either be awarded from a university in UK, USA, Australia, etc.
  • Dual Degree - Two degrees are awarded upon completion of studies. One degree awarded by a foreign university which the Malaysian university is collaborating with and one degree awarded by the Malaysian university.
  • Local Degree - This degree is awarded by a Malaysian university (Remember to check if the local Malaysian university is recognised by your country's MInistry of Education).

Highly Recommended Information Technology & Computer Science Courses

1. Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) 
(Formerly known as APIIT / UCTI)
(Click on the programme names below for more details)
Asia Pacific University has a long standing collaboration with Staffordshire University in UK. APU offers Dual Degree programmes. Upon completion, students will get a Degree Certificate from Staffordshire University, UK and another degree certificate from Asia Pacfic University of Technology and Innovation.
UK Dual Degree - BSc (Hons) in Software Engineering
UK Dual Degree - BSc (Hons) in Enterprise Computing
UK Dual Degree - BSc (Hons) in Internet Technology
UK Dual Degree - BSc (Hons) in Multimedia Technology
UK Dual Degree - BSc (Hons) in Technopreneurship
UK Dual Degree - BSc (Hons) in Computer Games Development

Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation Highlights
The Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation (APU) is amongst Malaysia’s Premier Private Universities, and is where a unique fusion of technology, innovation and creativity works effectively towards preparing professional graduates for significant roles in business and society globally. APU has earned an enviable reputation as an award-winning University through its achievements in winning a host of prestigious awards at national and international levels.
APU was announced as among the Highest Rated Universities in Malaysia, being rated at TIER 5 (EXCELLENT) under the SETARA 2011 Ratings by the Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) and Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA) which was announced by the Minister of Higher Education, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin on 1st November 2012.
This award-winning University has produced more than 20,000 highly skilled technology professionals in Malaysia and the Asia Pacific region, and has earned a reputation for excellence in education, research and development. APU has continuously win awards for excellence in education, research and development and for the achievements of their students.
Seated in the MSC designated zone, APU is surrounded by MSC-Malaysia Status companies increasing employment opportunities for students. APU boasts a 98% of their students getting jobs and many even before graduation. For more information on Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation, click here.

2. Multimedia University (MMU)

Multimedia University is ranked the No.1 Private University in Malaysia and in the Top 200 QS Asian University Rankings.
MMU programmes are recognised worldwide and their graduates are in high demand by employers in Malaysia. MMU graduates have very high employability rates and there are students who have secured jobs even before graduation. 
Upon graduation, MMU graduates have also found jobs overseas in countries like US, Canada, Australia, etc.
Local Postgraduate Degree - Master of Computer Science in Software Engineering & Software  
                                              Architecture (by Coursework)
For more information on Multimedia University (Cyberjaya Campus), click here.
For more information on Multimedia University (Melaka Campus), click here.