Campus Malaysia and IACT College at BPIEF 2012 International Education Fair, Kuching

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IACT College is the Malaysian pioneer of Project Based Learning and specialist in creative communication. 
Founded and co-owned by the biggest advertising associations in Malaysia: Malaysian Advertisers Association (MAA) and Association of Accredited Advertising Agents Malaysia (4As), IACT College endeavours to teach its students to think out of the box in order to produce high-quality, creative and practical ideas to meet the industry needs. At the same time, the College is endorsed by International Advertising Association (IAA), New York, U.S.A. IACT College is the only college in Malaysia to receive such accreditation from IAA.
“IACT College is implementing project-based learning where critical thinking, collaboration, communication and problem-solving skills form the core of our teaching and learning strategy. Students will have a chance to practice experiential learning with industry projects driving the process. It is our goal to equip our students with the relevant industry skills and workflow practices that mirror industry standards beginning from day one of their college life,” said Mr. Michael Choong, Chief Operating Officer, IACT College.
Campus Malaysia, an online-based student recruitment agency registered in Kuala Lumpur, will be representing IACT College at the BPIEF 2012 International Education Fair in Kuching. “We very much liked IACT College’s revolutionary PBL teaching approach where students are given ample exposure to the advertising and media industry, facing and solving problems that industry professionals encounter everyday. IACT College’s PBL delivery method provides a platform for engaging and constructive discussions that encourages students to be confident and bold in sharing their ideas and thoughts. Students will benefit tremendously, gaining in the areas of knowledge, understanding, skill sets and character building,” said Ms. Andrea Chow, Business Development Manager, Campus Malaysia.
IACT College Programmes
IACT College offers creative communication courses in various areas at pre-university, diploma and bachelor’s degree level. The areas of studies in IACT College include advertising, mass communication, graphic design, creative multimedia, and broadcasting.
Besides learning by doing real-life industry projects, students are required to complete their three-month in-company practical training prior to completing their final semesters. As such, students will undergo an effective learning process and are job-ready upon graduation. Students who complete their Diploma programme with IACT College will also find numerous education pathways to further their studies overseas in Australia, UK, New Zealand and U.S.A.
Register With Us at BPIEF 2012 and Get Exclusive Rates
Campus Malaysia will be representing IACT College at the BPIEF 2012 International Education Fair. Students who register for IACT College’s programmes at BPIEF 2012 will receive exclusive rates that will only be made available during the 2-day fair. We will be located at Booth B22.
Joint PR by IACT College and Campus Malaysia for BPIEF 2012