Malaysia To Increase Number Of International Students

06.10.2011 updated by admin
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Malaysia continues its efforts to draw International Students for Higher Education in Malaysia. 
Following the Malaysian Government's goal to attract 100,000 International Students by Year 2010 (from 40,000 students in 2006), Malaysia has been aggressively carrying out campaigns and actively participating in international education exhibitions held in United Arab of Emirates, Oman, Yemen, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Maldives, China, South Korea, Indonesia, India and Thailand; increasing and strengthening its presence in the Middle East and South East Asia countries. 
The network of Malaysia Education Promotion Centres established overseas in Dubai, UAE; Jakarta, Indonesia; Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam; and Beijing, China have also been providing full force support for the promotion of Malaysia's higher education through the engagement of students, and provision of information, student assistance and counselling services. 
The International student population in Malaysia has since rose to 90,000 (approximately 2% of total international student population) as of June 2011; with majority of students coming from Indonesia, China, Iran, Nigeria and Yemen. 
Efforts to attract international students includes:
  • Prioritisation of Malaysia's higher education quality towards world-class standards
  • Establishment of co-operation with reputable and very established institutions overseas
  • Set-up of new world-class foreign institution branch campuses in Malaysia e.g. the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus and the Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia in Johor
  • Increased participation and contribution in various international education development initiatives


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