Study Advice

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Selecting a degree major will be one of the important decisions you make in life. And since this is important, you will need an amount of research and reflection. In most cases, you should not rush into a decision.

Campus Malaysia wants you to be happy and find the career and degree major that will make you fulfilled. Getting a degree will help you to get jobs, but choosing a right degree major gives you a much better benefit in moving ahead in your career.

When starting your course search, it will be important to have some idea on which career path you intend to follow. You may be considering a few choices, but it will be important to have an idea of the end result as you do your research on the options which you have.

Once you have confirm the field of study and specializations you want to focus on, then you can begin your research on the courses that are available. You may come across courses with similar names, but we encourage you to look into the details of the courses as you may find the course which is the most suitable for your career path and benefit.  Find out about the entry requirements for each course you are interested in to ensure that you will be accepted into the course you apply for.

When selecting the course which is most suitable for yourself, you should also consider the different location cultures and lifestyle. In Malaysia, we have choices to study in capital cities, islands, as well as areas which are more nature friendly. It is good to choose a location which keeps you motivated and happy to achieve your studies. You should also consider personal support you will be able to get from either friends or relatives who are already in Malaysia and if you want to be studying near their location.

At the end of your decision making is to put together all of your research and consider all the facts you have found.  Keep your focus on what you want to achieve most through your course and Malaysian experience.  And this should lead you on to your final decision and you will be ready to apply.