Visa Related Information

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In this section, the following are covered:

Student Family Members / Spouse Visa Application

Family members of International students are allowed to stay on a Visit Pass (Social) for the student’s duration of study in Malaysia which includes the following:
  • Student’s Parents
  • Spouses, children and parents of students coming from Middle-East countries
  • Spouses and children (immediate family) of Post-Graduate students

An application will need to be submitted together with the copy of the Student Pass/Visa application with the following documents:

  • Form Imm.47 (3 copies)
  • Form Imm.12 (2 copies)
  • 2 photographs measuring 3.5cm x 5.0cm
  • Proof of family relationship
  • 1 photocopy of passport / travel documents

In all cases, the institution or university that you are studying at will assist you in your application. 

Application of Entry Visa for Citizens of the Peoples Republic of China 

It is compulsory that citizens of the Peoples Republic of China get their Entry Visas before coming to Malaysia. Students of the Peoples Republic of China can get their Entry Visas from the following locations in China:

Malaysia Embassy, China
13 Dongzhimenwai St. 
100600 Beijing 
Phone:  +86-10-6532-2531
Fax:  +86-10-6532-5032 
Malaysia Consulate, China
Guangzhou Kaixuanhuameida Hotel 
No.9 Mingyueyi Lu Dongshanqu 
510610 Guangzhou 
Phone: +86-20-8739-5660
Fax: +86-20-8739-5669 
Malaysia Consulate, China
Room 870, Sakura Hotel 
No. 29, Dong Feng East Road 
Phone: +871-316-5888 
Fax: +871-313-5189
Malaysia Consulate, China
Units 1101, 1110-1112, 11th Floor, CITIC Square 
No. 1168 Nanjing Road West,
200041 Shanghai 
Phone: +86-21-5292-5424
Fax: +86-21-5292-5951