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Master of Business Administration (General Management)
MOHE Approval Code: KA9855
The SEGi University Master of Business Administration (General Management) programme seeks to promote an understanding of core business and management disciplines while emphasising and enhancing management skills as well as develop new ideas and concepts in the areas of analysis, problem solving, decision-making, effective communication and leadership, which can be applied to any organisation.
Core elements of this programme includes the management of human resources, management of the immediate business environment, management of change and the management of general resources.
The programme modules and project dissertation will encourage depth of understanding and facilitate interactive teaching and learning. Modules taught in this programme come from a wide range of business and management disciplines including economics, marketing, information systems, statistics, human resource management and law.
Dual Award Option
Student can also opt to pursue a Dual Award MBA (General Management) programme with SEGi University.
Upon completion of the Dual Award MBA, graduates will obtain an MBA from SEGi University and University of Sunderland, UK.
Total International Student Fee for the Dual Award MBA is RM54,992
The history of SEGi can be traced to its first education centre located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur; Malaysia in 1977. With over 30 years of its strong and established presence in the Malaysia education scene, SEGi received its University College status in 2008 and its University status in 2012.


Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering
MOHE Approval Code: KA8305
Total Fee (Local student): approx. RM49,285
Total Fee (International student): approx. RM57,744 (inclusive of student VISA)
The affordability of air travel has led to a significant growth in the air carrier industry, creating a huge demand for aircraft maintenance staff. Suitably qualified personnel, especially those allowed to certify aircraft worthiness command high salaries and are highly sought after.
The Nilai University Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme is your passport to certifying aircraft worthiness as the diploma incorporates the European Aviation Safety Agency** (EASA) syllabus, preparing you for the EASA Part 66 Category B1-1 examinations. Students will sit for the EASA examination at the same time whilst pursuing their diploma course. Nilai University is an EASA approved examination site and this means students will no longer need to incur the high expenses of travelling to Europe for the exam.
As part of the course, you will undergo guaranteed industrial attachment with our strong partners.
Education Pathway:
Students who have completed the 2.5 Years Nilai University Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme can also continue to pursue the 1 Year Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Engineering Technology offered by Nilai University. Upon completion of the Nilai University Advanced Diploma in Aircraft Engineering Technology, students will also be awarded the BSc (Hons) in Aircraft Engineering from Kingston University, UK.
Career Opportunities:
Majority of students who complete the Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering programme will take on jobs as aircraft maintenance engineers. Graduates will need to complete 5 years of working experience in aircraft maintenance and repair to obtain the EASA Part 66 Category B1-1 license. Employment opportunities will mainly be with airlines and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) companies. Other employment opportunities would be with civil service or aerospace parts manufacturers.
Industry Partners:
Nilai University Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering students have the opportunity to undergo their 6 months on-the-job training with the following industry partners:
* Air Asia X Sdn Bhd
* GE Engine Service Malaysia Sdn Bhd
* Berjaya Air Sdn Bhd
* Hawker Pacific (M) Sdn Bhd
* Integrated Aviation Academy
* Sabah Air Sdn Bhd
* KL Airport Services Sdn Bhd
* Awan Inspirasi Sdn Bhd
* CTRM Aviation Sdn Bhd
* Eurocopter Malaysia S/B
* KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
* MAS Wings - Malaysia Airlines
* Subang General Aviation Sdn Bhd
* Maldivian Air Taxi (Pte.) Ltd
* Sepang Aircraft Engineering S/B,
* SR Aviation S/B
* Systematic Aviation Services S/B
* Firefly Sdn Bhd
* Weststar Aviation Services Sdn Bhd
All offers for the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Programme are subject to you being certified by a medical practitioner as fit to be accepted into the programme and not having any of the following medical/ physical conditions:-
* Colour blindness
* Hearing defects
* Asthma
** Note: The European Aviation Safety Agency is the centrepiece of the European Union's strategy for aviation safety.
Subjects includes:
* Mathematics
* Physics
* Basic Aerodynamics
* Electrical Fundamentals - I and II
* Aviation Legislation
* Materials and Hardware
* Human Factors
* Electronic Fundamentals
* Maintenance Practices - I
* Theory of Flight and Flight Controls
* Airframe Structures
* Air Conditioning , Cabin Pressurisation and Oxygen Systems
* Aircraft Hydraulics and Pneumatics
* Digital Techniques and Electronic Instrument System
* Maintenance Practices - II
* Instrument and Avionics Systems
* Aircraft Fuel System and Ice & Rain Protection
* Aircraft Landing Gears and Brakes
* Turbine Engine and APU
* Engine Lubrication, Fuel and Air Systems
* Engine Operation and Maintenance
* Propeller
* Advanced Instrument System
* Aircraft Autoflight System
* Communication and Navigation Systems
Established in 1998, Nilai University is one of the largest private higher education providers in Malaysia and home to students from over 50 countries worldwide.

Monash University Foundation

Monash University Foundation Year
The Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) is the university pathway programme that provides the academic bridge for students to successfully make a transition into undergraduate studies at Monash University.
For many MUFY students, this programme offers a smooth transition academically and culturally from education in their home country to the social and academic environment of an Australian university.
MUFY is popularly referred to as Monash University's "Year Zero", the pathway of choice for students to progress into subsequent years of undergraduate studies.
Designed by Monash academics, this Australian Year 12 equivalent programme allows admission into the full range of Monash University undergraduate degrees. Whether you are planning for a career in medicine, business or information technology, engineering or science, or the arts, MUFY has a proven record of success and is the pathway for you to follow. 
With thousands of students worldwide wishing to be admitted into this prestigious university, it is reassuring to know that Monash University assures admission to MUFY graduates who meet entry requirements. Sunway College is the only provider of the MUFY programme in Malaysia.
Sunway University was one of very few private higher education institutions in Malaysia to be rated "Excellent" in the first ever quality rating system in Malaysia 

Oil and Gas

B.Eng.(Hons) Petroleum Engineering
International Student Total Fee: RM101,840 (inclusive of student VISA application fees and insurance)
The UCSI University B.Eng (Hons) in Petroleum Engineering programme is designed to equip students with a solid foundation and the knowledge of petroleum chemistry, physics, mathematics, rock and fluid properties, thermodynamics, drilling, simulation, reservoir engineering  and their applications to petroleum technology.
The programme encompasses a well-balanced curriculum that focuses on upstream and downstream industries, and covers a wide range of subjects that includes pure and industrial chemistry designed for petroleum engineers, physics, corrosion principles in petroleum industry, surface chemistry and catalysis, principles of well drilling, geosystem exploration, dangers of hydrogen sulphide in the oil industry, petroleum refining, EOR, IOR, MEOR, environmental science and technology, natural gas engineering, well logging, reservoir simulation, off shore drilling and management and economy.
Special features of Petroleum Engineering course are:
* Special laboratory (Petroleum engineering computer laboratory) equipped for reservoir and multilateral drilling simulation techniques
* Oil and gas production operations including well completion, well diagnosis and treatments
* Drilling engineering laboratory, rock and fluid laboratory
* Field trips
* Field development project
* Final year research project
Students will undergo industrial training under the UCSI University Co-Operative Placement (Co-Op) Programme in the third semester of Year 2 and 4 to learn from and familiarise themselves with the real life working environment.
Towards the end of the course of study, students will undertake a two-semester final year project to assess their understanding and the outcome of their formal education.
Career Opportunities
Graduates of the UCSI University B.Eng (Hons) in Petroleum Engineering programme can explore jobs that involves the study of explorations , development and extraction of oil and gas deposits, and the planning, design, development and supervision of projects for drilling, testing, re-working, and completion of oil and gas wells.
Job Opportunities includes Reservoir Engineer, Drilling Engineer, Production Engineer, Field Engineer, Operation Engineer, Mud Engineer, Project Development Engineer, Well Completion Engineer, Offshore Engineer, Subsea Engineer, Health and Safety Engineer, Simulation Engineer, Process Engineer, Workover Engineer, Cost Engineer.
All UCSI University engineering degree programmes comply with the latest requirements for accreditation by the Malaysian Engineering Accreditation Council, which fulfils the international requirements drafted in the Washington Accord.
UCSI University is a leading institution of higher learning in Malaysia with campuses in Kuala Lumpur, Terengganu and Sarawak. It was accorded the University College status in 2003 and became UCSI University when it received University status in 2008.


Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)
International Student Total Fee: RM433,500 (incl. student VISA fees)
Local Student Total Fee: RM369,900
MOHE Approval Code: KA10402
* The Only Private University conducting MBBS with use of cadavers for dissection.
* Accredited by MQA
* Recognised by the Medical Council of India
* Recognised by the Medical Council of Thailand
The MAHSA University Medical Faculty offer students a subject based, system-synchronised curriculum that is pragmatic and modern in approach. The programme is delivered via lectures by highly experienced teachers and innovative learning methods such as problem-based learning (PBL), e-learning, early clinical exposure (ECE) and small group sessions with movies, debates and role play.
Teacher student ratio is maintained at an optimum of about 1:5 and lecturers are handpicked from the local and international pool of highly experienced teachers, many having done more than 30 years of teaching.
The MAHSA University Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery is a 5 year programme (10 Semesters) which consist of:
* Phase 1: 2 years (4 semesters) at the MAHSA University Campus with exposure to clinical medicine at Hospital Tanjung Karang
* Phase 2: 3 years (6 semesters) is almost entirely hospital and clinic based. Hospitals includes Hospital Kuala Lumpur, Hospital Sungai Buloh and Hospital Tanjung Karang.
Phase 2 is the Clerkship Phase and comprises rotating clinical postings. This phase puts emphasis on problem solving and clinical reasoning, and is generally held at hospitals and health service centers which have fulfilled the requirements of teaching centers. Students will undergo rotational postings of 2 - 8 weeks through the proficiences of Medicine, Surgery and Community Health.
The MAHSA Medical Curriculum is a vertically integrated, innovative curriculum with the following characteristics:
* System-based
* Problem-based Learning
* Self Directed Learning (SDL) and Student-Centered Learning
* Early Clinical Skills development (Integrated Practical Activities)
* Community Orientation
Basic Medical Sciences
Basic Mechanisms of Disease
Genetics, Immunology, Molecular Medicine
Cardiovascular System
Haematology System
Respiratory System
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Gastro-Intestinal System and Nutrition
Muscoloskeletal System
Urinary System
Nervous System
Reproductive System
Endocrine and Metabolism
Medical Posting
Surgery Posting
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Posting
Paediatrics Posting
Primary Care Medicine Posting
Dermatology Posting
Community Health Posting
Medical Posting
Surgery Posting
Primary Care Medicine Posting
Orthopedics Posting
Psychiatry Posting
Anaesthesia, Emergency Medicine, Critical & Palliative Care Medicine
Ophthalmology and Otorhinolaryngology
Forensic Medicine
Medical Posting
Surgery Posting
Obstetrics and Gynaecology Posting
Paediatrics Posting
Orthopedics Posting
Psychiatry Posting
MAHSA (Malaysian Allied Health Science Academy) was established in 2005 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with the belief that higher education in the field of healthcare is a vital cog in the development of the nation.